Bill is joined by Winners with big Dreams at the official launch party.

It’s been an amazing two weeks since Winners Dream hit the shelves. Bill and the team here at have the absolute pleasure of hearing from so many Winners with big Dreams. Winners like Mina, who wants to be a fashion designer; Mary Lee, who wants to start a cacao plantation; Parth, who wants to ensure people have clean drinking water; Mayur who wants to be a game designer, and Deepa who wants to give every child a world-class education.

Some of you, like Jessica, just want to find happiness. Many of you shared Dreams of using technology to improve people’s lives throughout the world.

We’ve also heard from some Winners who aren’t quite sure what their dream is yet. For you, Bill’s advice is to keep at it. Talk to people. Take some chances and make the most of the opportunities in front of you. When you move outside your comfort zone, you learn about possibilities you never imagined.

To those of you who know what your dream is, we encourage you to share it here on our Engage page. We have big Dreams too – Dreams of creating a support system for all you Winners out there. We want to create a network of people who can help each other achieve their Dreams in a variety of ways.

In the book, Bill talks about the idea of discretionary effort. If each of us gave just a little of our time to help someone else in our Winners community, imagine what we could achieve.

So keep talking with us. Send in your Dreams and let us know what you think. We want to hear from you. Watch for more news, more blog posts, and upcoming events.

Together, we can build a movement that has amazing potential to change the world – one Winner at a time.