In the months since Winners Dream hit the shelves, you’ve all shared an amazing number of stories and Dreams with Bill. Many of you have asked the same question – where do I go from here?

While there’s no “one size fits all” answer, a good place to start is setting some concrete goals.

Perhaps you’ve heard the famous quote from author Napoleon Hill, “a goal is a Dream with a deadline.” When you put a little structure around your Dream, it becomes easier to take those first steps to achieving it.

Here are few tips for getting started.

Write your “Elevator Pitch.”
If you had to explain your Dream to someone in the time it takes to go between floors on an elevator, what would you say? Figure out the essence of your Dream and how you would describe it to someone in 30 seconds or less – then practice that pitch until you know it by heart. You never know when you’ll have the opportunity to share your Dream with someone who could help make it happen!

Set a Deadline.
Take the next step by setting a deadline. Deadlines can be wonderful motivators. They help crystalize your purpose and get you focused on what needs to be done.

Define your Needs.
What are the five things you need to meet your deadline and achieve your Dream? Do you need to meet a certain person? Raise a certain amount of funding? Master a certain skill? Write down those top five things and you’ll find you have the beginnings of a plan.

Once you have a deadline and you know the things you need to do to meet it, it becomes easier to formulate a solid plan to make your Dream a reality.

Do you already have your pitch, deadline and needs mapped out? Share them with us at